The Solution

Removing vested financial interests from family law is essential to deliver a system that genuinely puts children first. To put children first, beyond the sound bite and in the real world, it is essential that when parents separate BOTH are left in as good a shape as is possible in challenging circumstances.  UPF has designed a set of policies and a case management framework that address the complexity that has been brought into family law in order to maximise returns for professionals, these policies and the structure to support them can be found in survey format here. Now is your opportunity to give your feedback to these policies and potenatially add to the further shaping of them, as well as giving us an evidence base to present these to government as a serious alternative that has been tested by those who have been affected or could be affected in the future.  

If you are invovled in family law as a professional, a separate version of this survey is available on request, the above linked version is intended for the general public.  Please register for a link to this survey that is specific to your organisation using the form below.