Our Most Urgent Projects

These projects still require funding in order to commence - links within each description to the funding pot if any of these resonate with you and you're in a position to contribute a donation - alternatively contact us if you can assist any of these projects in any other way.

False Allegations Helpline

Over 92% of respondents to our False Allegations in Family Court Survey said they believe there is an urgent need or a strong demand for this service.  There is very little support provided to people that find themselves in this position, often they are treated as a perpetrator of abuse even though they are the victim.  This is a hugely vulnerable and dangerous time to be left unsupported and we want to be able to bridge the clear gap there is current in service provision.  You can donate to this project here and you can read the full survey write up here 

National Family Law Contact & Outcomes Register

It proves close to impossible to have disclosure of meaningful and helpful data in respect of family law matters from the Ministry of Justice, and there are no provisions for tracking the outcome of decissions made that affect children and families for the rest of their lives.  We think this is wrong, and this project is designed to collect data from litigants from the outset of their cases through to completion and beyond.  Such a facility will provide insights that have been until now unavailable, and from that we can keep close eyes on the conduct of professionals in the system, better support our members through litigation and beyond, and collect evidence that strengthens our campaigning efforts.   donate to this project here

National Parental Suicide Rememberance Day

Parental suicide driven by family law is estimated to exceed 2,000 each year, accounting for 40% of all UK suicide, and leaving behind roughly double that number of children to suffer the trauma of premature parental loss combined with the damage to their own long term life chances.  Children who lose a parent to suicide are 3 times more likely to die the same way than a child who loses a parent to through illness or accident.  It is essential that we bring this issue into the public consciousness.  

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Member Admin & Community Management Application

As our member base grows it will be more and more challenging to serve them in an efficient, effective and secure manner.  For this reason we must invest in the best online community managment and adminstration technology and we need your help to do this.  

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Source of Homelessness Study

At UPF we believe that a large proportion of homelessness is driven by the family court system and the Child Maintenance Service.  We take an evidence based approach to everything we do, we dont believe it is possible to fix a problem until you have clearly identified the nature, scale and source.  Organisations that are involved in creating this problem make it difficult to access the necessary data, so we must fund alternative ways to measure the issue, hands on and in the street if that is what it takes.  

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Parental Alienation Education Program for Schools

School is often referred to as the 3rd parent, they dont only educate our children but provide an invaluable safety net to those at risk.  Parental Alienation presents one of the most profound risks capable of derailing an entire childhood and well beyond, yet their is no program to educate teaching staff to identify PA and provide support for those children impacted by it.  It is essential that we change this, an education program for schools will form an essential part of our ongoing work and will help us to capture the hearts and minds of the our nations educators.  

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Child Maintenance Service Suicide Media Appeal

Our research study into the conduct of the Child Maintenance Service has identified excess paying parent deaths that are almost certainly suicide, amounting to over 1,000 per year.  As the CMS began its existence in 1993, we estimate the total death toll to be between 20,000 and 30,000 with approximatley double that number of children left behind.  We believe the berieved families have a right to know the truth, and we want to understand their individual experiences and the real life consequences they had to deal with.  Ultimately this is a key part of our strategy to ensure accountability and that justice is ultimately served.  

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Female Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Program

There are currently no accredited DA perpetrators programs for women, despite women being responsible for at least a third of all domestic abuse.  There is little else to say on this topic, other than it must be remedied.  

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Public Attitude to Shared Parenting National Poll

Its almost 10 years since the last national poll conducted by YouGuv showed that the public approval rating for equally shared parenting after separation was 82%, we think its time to rerun this poll and gather more detail along the way as part of our evidence based approach to campaigning. 

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