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False Allegations Helpline

A resource to help members who are falsely accused of crimes or abuse in family court proceedings

National Family Law Conduct & Outcomes Register

See project page for more details

National Parental Suicide Rememberance Day

A day to remember and raise awareness of the estimated 2,000 annual parental suicides that result from family court and child maintenance service malpractice.

Member Admin & Community Management Application

An application that will help us to deliver world class member administration, resources, content and peer to peer support.

Source of Homelessness Study

An academic research study into the influence of Family Court and Child Maintenance Service on levels of homelessness and rough sleeping.

Parental Alienation Education Program for Schools

An educational program to help teaching staff identify PA, support children exposed to it and to educate the next generation of parents as to the harm it causes to children, as an early stage preventative intervention.

Child Maintenance Service Suicide Media Appeal

A testimony and evidence gathering exercise to give a voice to those left behind, which may lead to a class action law suit and possible private prosecutions where evidence of malpractice is brought forward.

Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Program for Women

There is currently no financial support to deliver perpetrators programs when those perpetrators are female. This program will be designed to support female perpetrators to live a future live free of abuse and violence.

Public Attitude to Shared Parenting National Poll

A national poll to identify the publics attitude to and support for shared parenting post separation.  The last survey of its type carried out was by YouGov in 2012 giving an 82% approval rating, lets bring that up to date.