Supporting Peer Organisations

The objective of UPF is to harmonise the campaigning, project/service delivery and fund raising efforts of the charities and support groups who align with our vision and who are supporting parents and their circle of affected loved ones in their daily activities.  The diagram below sets out the UPF structure, organisations choosing to federate to UPF do so in a manner where they remain organisationally autonomous, yet able to tap into collective resources for their organisation and also their members/supporters.  


Federated organisations are asked to recruit membership support from their supporter base see pricing structure here.  Periodically, federated partners may apply for up to 50% of membership fees generated from their supporter base subsriptions, to be used to fund specified projects and/or reasonable running costs.  The remainder of the membership fees generated go towards funding collective campaign efforts and the provision of services across the UPF universe from which each organisations supporters will have full access.  

In addition to the above funding structure, UPF will be permanently engaged in ongoing fundraising work in order to fund the projects already identified see here and new ones as the organisation progresses.  Member organisations will be invited to submit bids to complete projects on behalf of UPF, (those with proven track record being favoured for UPF designed projects) and may also design relevant projects which would deliver a benefit to the cause overall and submit a proposal to UPF for funding.  

Federated members will have access to a member area in the UPF portal that is specific to their organisations within which they can communicate and share information with their members.  Any of their members subscribing to UPF membership will also gain access to the wider universe of resources and support that will be available within the member portal.  

Organisations, charities and groups interested in becoming a federated partner of UPF should first complete the registration survey