Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

To harmonise and amplify the efforts of charities, support groups and individuals campaigning for family law reform and supporting those  navigating the current system, or burned by it historically, to do so safely, with dignity & integrity, and to recover their best selves.  

To support industry professionals who wish to assist parents, children and families in general with positive post separation outcomes, supported by evidence-based research which encompasses whole of life and real-life consequences of decisions made today. 

To challenge harmful ideologies and misleading research, providing our own insight rich, evidence based, detailed and far-reaching research that upholds the highest academic & scientific standards.  By doing this we will create the ‘go to’ resource library that the public, professionals and government can trust.  

We believe that by delivering a fundraising, member services, awareness, education and promotional structure complimented by an expert & mentorship task force, provided by UPF to federated (but autonomous) member partners, our collective voice will be louder, our influence will be further reaching, and we will positively impact more parents & children in their time of need and beyond, while inspiring many more to join with and empower our collective cause.

To become unnecessary by 2026, having successfully brought about equal parenting as the separation default, alongside other sensible  reforms to family law, child maintenance and taxation that strengthens family relationships and childhoods, be they within intact or separated families. We will keep going until this is achieved, it must be achieved. 

Why is UPF Needed?

The campaigning effort within the alienated parent’s community is dispersed and uncoordinated. This has led to duplication of effort in the same areas, few (if any) of which have led to any meaningful improvement in the Family Law and Justice system, while we have experienced further marginalisation and uphill battles to attract and retain funding.  

There are financial and ideological vested interests competing with us, who are well funded, amply resourced and efficiently organised, which has led to most funding sources being saturated by an industry that is tightening its fraudulent and harmful grip on family lives post separation.  The social consequences are obscene, yet the vested interests do all they can to prevent any association to those consequences, any airtime being provided or questions being asked. We must engage a different strategy to overcome this, doing what we have been doing is proven not to work.  

Many years of tireless campaigning have resulted in an expansion of the harm via a scaled-up family law system, women’s domestic abuse charities in particular have become ever more increasingly well-funded and using that funding to spread misinformation and gendered ideology. The resulting mental ill health among alienated parents and their children has reached a staggering level, and we estimate that over 2,000 safe and loving parents are being lost to suicide every year, over 1,000 of these we can prove via Child Maintenance Service data, with 10’s of thousands more suffering severe mental health consequences which can become a danger to them, their children and to others.

Those in greatest need are also the most at risk and the least supported. We cannot expect government to begin providing funding for the necessary resources any time soon, likewise we can expect The Ministry of Justice to make the situation worse, legal professionals to continue their predatory practices, and women’s domestic abuse charities to continue to pursue harmful ideologies and mislead the media & government. The best way to protect the current and future victims of these organisations, is to rely upon ourselves to fill the gap, seek new ways to raise funds, raise awareness, recruit support and tap into the skills and passion within our own community.

Our Values

You cannot solve a problem without first truthfully identifying what the problem is, or if you do you will not only be solving a problem that doesnt exist, and therefore no improvement will result, but you will almost certainly create further problems which inevitably will have to be solved.  The truth is vital, yet it is suppressed.  We will work only with the truth, and within a spirit of fairness and cooperation.  By doing this we can be certain that our solutions will not only solve the biggest social problems that family law is creating, but we will not create other problems along the way.  We wont bring change overnight, nor will we always be right, but by sticking with the truth always and by accepting where we may make mistakes along the way, we will adapt to the circumstances that present themselves and evolve through the spirit of continuous self improvement.