Best Self Recovery Program

Separation and divorce together with family court litigation can take a huge toll on any individuals mental & physical wellbeing as well as their sense of purpose and desire to engage with the world in a healthy way.  This program of partnerships is intended to open doors to opportunities, support, education and therapies that can help to set those who have been traumatised by their family separation and litigation experiences well on the road to recovery and finding the best version of themselves once again.  Programs are available from January 1st 2022, to enquire about becoming a Best Self Recovery Program partner, please use the contact form at the foot of this page. 

Physical Fitness Partnerships

A relationship breakdown is often preceded by months or even years of limited self care.  During times of intense stress and loss, physical fitness can play a major role in limiting and preventing severe psychological consequences and bouts of depresssion.  Separation for many leads to many hours available to fill and therefore an opportunity to invest into regaining optimum physical health and fitness, which will aid emotional and psychological wellbeing as well as open up new social contact opportunities.  

Sense of Purpose - Helping Others

Relationship breakdowns where children are involved often lead those who have had their contact restricted feeling a deep loss to their sense of purpose.  Such a loss left to fester becomes more and more emotionally and psychologically distressing and harmful.  One way to counteract this loss is to use free time as a volunteer to help others who have really challenging every day needs.  

Medical & Cosmetic Interventions

In the same vein as physical fitness is commonly neglected in the lead up to separation, so is self care with regards to medical and cosmetic treatments that otherwise may be invested in.  For males this can include depletion of testosterone as a result of years of stress, and females may also have experiences hormonal imballances due to ongoing stress.  It may be the ideal opportunity to look into cosmetic dentistry that you've put off, getting an old sports injury seen to or even a hair loss consultation.  

Self Confidence & Assertiveness

A relationship followed by litigation and prevention of contact with children is disastrous for self confidence and often we find those impacted by it have lost their ability to assert themselves through shear desperation.  These courses and one 2 one counselling sessions are aimed at boosting self confidence and teaching the required skills to assert yourself and enforce your boundaries.  

Understanding & Resolving Family Separation Disputes

When emotions are running high and whats at stake can be life changing, simple and resolvable disputes can easily escalate and cause a great deal of damage to all those caught up in them.  These courses and one to one counselling sessions are aimed at helping you understand conflict, what drives yours and the other parties responses to it, and strategies for lowering the intensity and ultimately resolving the disputes sooner and with less damage done. 

Effective Co-Parenting Strategies

When the courts, solicitors and social workers have moved on, those who manage to gain a shared care scenario often have difficulting avoiding further disputes.  These courses and one to one sessions are aimed at providing guidance to better manage co-parenting relationships so that the child/ren can benefit from best intentions of both parents, and each parent can better manage their own perspectives and how they navigate navigate the childrens successful journey to independant adulthood and beyond.

New Romantic Partnerships


Revovery Focused Travel & Experiences

Tackling Addictions