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Child Maintenance Service Link to Parental Suicide

This in depth study into the link between CMS enforcement practices and excess deaths among the paying parent population is the result of 9 months research and concludes that over 1000 parents each year are being driven to suicide as a direct consequence of CMS policies & practices 

Full Research Study Here 

Victims of False Allegations In Family Court Survey Results

Nearly 400 respondents took part in our survey that collected experiential data from those who claim they were victims of serious false allegations in family court proceedings.  This study was undertaken privately by Brian Hudson, respondents had to invest some 40 minutes answering detailed set of structured questioning which would be near impossible to complete in an untruthful way.  The results are simply staggering.  The author hopes an academic institution will take on a re-run of this study in adherance to the recognised research principals so that these findings can be tested in a rigorous manner.  

Full Report Here

Family Law & Domestic Abuse Industry Impact on Society

This is an infographic document distributed to Peers in the House of Lords during the Domestic Abuse Bill 2020 debate.  It is a high level view of the disastrous effect the family law and domestic abuse industry is having on society.

Claims of "Soaring" Domestic Abuse in Lockdown are False

The Sunday Times published an article claiming that Domestic Abuse had soared during lockdown, this paper shows that is not the case and identifies that the organisations responsible for the ongoing media attention on this issue are misleading the public in pursuit of increased funding.
Read the full report here

Family Court Domestic Abuse Scandal Exposed in Numbers

This paper goes into publicly available data in fine detail to understand the extent to which false allegations of domestic abuse are playing a part in Family Court Proceedings.

Read the full report here

Family Court & Domestic Abuse Scandal Infographic

A simple one page statistical view of the key findings from the report above.

CMS Suicide Infographic

A simple one page statistical view of the key findings from the report above.

Harman Llorandos - 

Allegations of Family Violence in Court: How Parental Alienation Affects Judicial Outcomes

This research paper was conducted to determine the whether a study carried out by Professor Joan Meier titled "U.S. child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations: what does the data show?" could hold up to scientific scrutiny. The short and rather shocking conclusion is that it cannot and is largely an opinion piece from a bias author designed to mislead government, media and the public and dishonestly influence legislation.

Read the full report here 

Child Custody, PA and Abuse Allegations: Critique of a Paper by Joan Meier

An excellent in depth analysis of the Paper written by Joan Meier Referred to above - by William Collins of the Empathy Gap

Read the full report here

The Language of Division

Another in depth critique by William Collins, this time into the work of Dr Adrienne Barnett a former barrister who appears to be the the 'go to' researcher for the Ministry of Justice family division when it comes to academically justifying further harmful changes to family court proceedures. 

Read the full report here

Terry White Appraisal of the Ministry of Justice Risk of Harms Report

A detailed video analysis of how the process leading to the production of a critical report that has informed legislation, judicial training and family court policies & procedures, failed to follow the established criteria and methods for such work to be carried out - meaning its outcomes are unreliable and the process should be rerun.