Is the Child Maintenance Service Driving the Premature Death of Paying Parents?

Our research shows that the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has been driving paying parents to premature death and suicide since its inception, you can read the full study here. The purpose of the advert you have responded to is to reach those who have been affected by this, either due to someone close to you losing their life to suicide or another circumstance brought about as a result of maltreatment by the CMS, or you are a paying parent right now and feel you are at risk due to CMS maltreatment.  

Has someone close to you been driven to an early death?

Please click the picture to be taken to our registration survey form for loved ones of those who have lost their lives for reasons connected to CMS maltreatment. 

Are you being targetted by the Child Maintenance Service and consider yourself to be at risk?

Please click the image to be taken to our registration survey for those parents who feel they are at risk from current CMS maltreatment.  

Do you need help right now?

Click on the image above to be taken to a support service provided by Split the Difference CIC.  

Can you help us?

We are a group of affected parents that have come together to continue the research that has identified disturbing practices by the CMS and the devastating outcomes that follow.  The advert you have responded to has been crowd funded, and we urgently need further funding to complete the assessement of data collected from victims who come forward in response to our call for evidence surveys, and to further publicise this issue.  To date we are encountering political and media stonewalling of our attempts to highlight this issue, the purpose of gathering this data is to further strengthen our research in order to progress to legal action against those in positions of responsibility and culpability.  Please donate if you can, via the Split The Difference fund raiser found here. To be kept up to date wtih our progress please subscribe to this website, for media enquiries complete the form found here, for details of the Split the Difference suicide prevention campaign click here